For those journeying with us in reading through the Bible we have reached the 3rd book of Moses called Leviticus (which has to do with the “Levites” – the Levitical priesthood).  As you read, consider that in Jesus we are a holy priesthood.  There are principles that come to us in and through Jesus that teach us about life in the presence of God.  It is the holiness of Jesus – our true and ultimate High Priest – that admits us into the holy presence of God (Heb. 7:27).  If you have time, it is really beneficial to read the book of Hebrews in the New Testament along with the book of Leviticus.  It will help you appreciate how Jesus and His priesthood is so much better.  Jesus is a superior priest with a superior sacrifice that accomplished what the Levitical priesthood could never achieve but only picture.

As you read through Leviticus be looking for how Jesus is pictured and foreshadowed in the law and how far the reality surpasses the pictures!  The Sabbath we remember is not a day – but a Person – Jesus is our Sabbath rest.  In His finished work we cease from our labours, find rest for our souls and enter into the worship of Him that knows no end.  Through Jesus, there is healing for the leprosy of sin and His touch makes the unclean clean!  The feasts find their fulfillment in Jesus – His death and resurrection and ascention as the forever King of God’s eternal kingdom.  He has set us apart for Himself as His own holy people – living distinct and separate lives even as we engage our communities ravaged by sin with love.  We are set apart as His holy vessels and instruments through whom the Holy Spirit can love and serve and seek and save the lost.  God is holy and you cannot approach Him anyway you wish.  There must be atonement for sinners.  Jesus has made full atonement – for our being “at one ment” with the Father.  This leads to the ultimate Jubilee! Slaves are set free! We have been redeemed!  The blessings have all been earned for us by Jesus and the curses of the law have all been removed in Him who became a curse for us.  What a great high and holy priest!  May God teach you much about life in His presence through your journey in Leviticus.