Grace Fellowship Campus Group is a Christian community which exists to bring God the glory He deserves and to bring redemptive good to all peoples, extending hope through the gospel and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is to diffuse the fragrance of the knowledge of God and His amazing salvation in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to advance the joy and faith of others in the Lord Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Word of God and deeds of love, embodying the gospel in community.

To that end we seek to teach and embody the teachings of Jesus, who did not just direct us to simply tolerate others but to genuinely love them. Jesus calls us to love those who are not like us, and who don’t believe the same as us. This love is to extend even to our enemies. This is our response to the great love and grace Jesus has shown to us by laying down His life for us, that we could be forgiven and brought into a love relationship with God Himself.

Grace Fellowship Campus Group seeks to provide a strong local church connection for its members, providing support, encouragement, spiritual care, discipleship, and equipping to become mature devoted followers of Jesus belonging and partaking in a visible expression of the Body of Christ.

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