Are you tired of religion but still interested in spirituality? Are you skeptical – maybe even cynical – about highly organized, institutional approaches to God while still being open to exploring your faith? We invite you to experience Grace Fellowship – a church for people who aren’t into religion – a Jesus community filled with people experiencing ridiculous amounts of joy & authentic community as the church. A community where they take Jesus and His Gospel seriously, but not themselves.

We’re a barely-organized, highly-dedicated little group of Christ-followers (the literal meaning of the word “Christian“) who are passionate about introducing others to the reality of Jesus and the transformation He brings. We believe that rather than coming to start a new religion, Jesus himself was very clear that he came to call us, to save us & to reconcile our relationship with the Creator of the universe. The Gospels remind us that while He was known for the bad reputation of His companions (a “friend of sinners”), He also came “to seek and to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10). Jesus is pursuing you…He is seeking you…He is knocking… What will be your response?

You may be seeking answers to some of life’s deeper questions. You may be done with religion, hurt by the ‘church’, but still believe there’s something more out there. You may have tons of questions about the church, religion & Jesus – or you may be just plain curious. Regardless of where you’re at – we invite you to check us out and find out what we’re about. Skeptics are welcome, as are tough questions. Take a stroll through our website, and then contact us or just drop in to a gathering.
You should do it. Really. It’s not that bad. Might even change your life.